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About Luke & Jenna Dougherty Farms

Luke's Backstory
I was born and raised in Boggstown, Indiana with great parents and two older sisters. From a young age, I was always helping my dad and uncle on their cattle and grain operation, and a deep rooted love for agriculture was formed. I come from a long line of farmers, 6 generations deep is as far as we have researched, so I can safely say I am a 7th generation farmer. I went on to graduate from Purdue University and majored in Agricultural Economics with a concentration in Farm Management. At the time, there was not a clear path for me to farm full time. My dad and uncle both worked full time jobs while farming so I just prayed the Lord could open the door for an opportunity. The Lord answered my prayers, and the opportunity came, when I connected with a nearby farm family looking to transition into retirement, with a need for someone to take over their operation and facilities. From there, Luke & Jenna Dougherty Farms was formed, and has grown to its current standing today. Our goal going forward is to be the best land stewards, neighbors, and industry advocates we can be. Ultimately, we want to raise a family on the farm, instilling a love and appreciation for agriculture that can carry on the farming legacy for generations to come. 
Jenna & Luke Together
After coming home from Purdue, the Lord led me to Jenna in the winter of 2016. We dated until the spring of 2017 when we engaged and then married in the fall of 2017. Jenna was raised in Greenwood, Indiana and attended the University of Indianapolis. While Jenna was not raised on a farm, she was an active member in Johnson County 4H where she showed horses and had a strong appreciation for agriculture. Jenna loves the farming business and is excited to raise a family around agriculture.
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