What We Grow

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Waxi-Pro Corn

We currently grow non GMO waxy corn for Ingredion located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ingredion then uses the different varieties of corn they receive to produce sweeteners, starches, & biomaterials used in food, beverages, paper, and pharmaceuticals.

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Seed Corn

We are proud producers of Pioneer corn seed for Corteva Agriscience. We plant male and female corn with different desired qualities to cross pollinate and produce an end product to ultimately be conditioned, bagged, and sold as commercial corn in the Pioneer seed line. Our seed corn is delivered to Worthington, Indiana. Irrigation is required to produce seed corn.

Non GMO Beans

We currently grow non GMO soybeans for a couple different markets depending on soybean variety and oil content. With the ever increasing difficulty to control resistent weeds, we have to be strategic with our placement of these beans. 

seed beans
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Seed Beans

This year we will be producing seed beans for Stine Seed Company to be stored, conditioned, bagged, and ultimately sold as Stine seed for future production. The seed beans will be in the "Enlist" family of genetics and chemistry so we will have tremendous control over resistant weeds. 

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This crop has been a recent addition to the farm. We grow cucumbers for Hartung Brothers out of Madison, Wisconsin. Cucumber acres require irrigation to be grown under. The cucumbers, once harvested, are stored and processed, ultimately to be jarred as pickles by Vlasic and sold in stores near you! 

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Wheat is not a crop we grow every year but is a crop that we have grown. A number of reasons dictate whether we will or will not grow wheat. Those reasons being price, weather, field rotation, etc.

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